Backyard DIYs


DIY – Do it yourself. It’s become an extremely popular expression and can cover any project from household repairs and home improvement to creative decor. I can’t tell you the number of things my husband has fixed around our home by watching YouTube videos and then ordering the parts he needs online. We love DIY […]

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DIY Mosaic Sea Glass Table Top

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We decided to give our front porch a little makeover this summer by adding some bright and cheerful colors to welcome our visitors. We started by replacing the cushions on our existing bench with new ones in a solid light aqua color. Then we added two new outdoor pillows to the bench. I found a […]

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DIY Media Room Candy Display


We have a room in our home that we have designated as our media room. It’s a comfortable and fun space we created for our family to watch movies and sports or play video games together. One of our favorite things about this room has been the white container we keep filled with boxes of […]

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