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DIY – Do it yourself. It’s become an extremely popular expression and can cover any project from household repairs and home improvement to creative decor. I can’t tell you the number of things my husband has fixed around our home by watching YouTube videos and then ordering the parts he needs online. We love DIY projects. If we can do it ourselves, we do! Sometimes our projects are to save money because we find something we like but don’t like the price tag. Sometimes we just can’t find what we want to suit our needs and a DIY project is the perfect solution. And sometimes, we are just in the mood to be creative and make something unique.

Spring is fast approaching and we have been busy working in our yard the past few weekends enjoying the warm temperatures in our area. So far we’ve started planting new flowers and making a list of all the DIY home improvement projects we hope to accomplish this spring. I thought it would be fun to share some of our past DIY projects we have completed for our backyard since moving into our current home a little over three years ago.

Project #1: Towel Stand When we moved into our new home, we loved that there was a pool in the backyard. Every pool owner knows that if you don’t have a designated place to hang your pool towels, they will end up in a wet pile or draped over a fence or left in some other random place. The only towel stands we could find to buy were either too short or made out of plastic. We knew we wanted something tall and not made out of plastic. We made our own pool towel stand using a fence post concreted into a ceramic pot with a hook screwed into each of the four sides. It’s been great for drying all those wet towels! It’s heavy duty so we don’t have to worry about it tipping over from the weight of the towels and the towels dry quickly since they are not bunched together.

DIY Outdoor Towel Rack

Project #2: Directional Signs Our directional signs serve no functional purpose, we made them just for fun. We hand lettered all of the signs and attached them to one of our trees. They add a colorful reminder of some of the tropical places we have been fortunate to visit over the years.

DIY Tropical Tree SIgns

Project #3: Outdoor Shower My husband likes to rinse off after mowing our yard and before jumping in the pool so he really wanted an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers can be pretty pricey so we decided to make our own. We literally walked around the aisles of Lowes brainstorming on how we wanted our shower to look and gathering the supplies we thought would work. We were really excited when our finished project turned out as we envisioned. It needed to be hooked up to one of our outdoor faucets so we placed it next to one in a flower bed with stepping stones leading to it. My husband is so much happier rinsing off under the flowing shower head than with the garden hose. Nothing like showering in the great outdoors!


DIY Outdoor Shower

Project #4: Umbrella Stand Planter We made this umbrella stand planter because we were tired of our umbrellas being blown over all the time. DIY umbrella planters are not a unique idea but we were really happy with how ours turned out. We liked it so much we made two more! You can check out how we made them here: DIY Umbrella Stand Planter

DIY Umbrella Stand

Project #5: Flip Flop Bucket Summer is flip flop season around our house and when we take them off to jump in the pool, we need a place to flip our flops. We found this bright and cheerful bucket and decorated it with some of our favorite flip flop sayings so everyone would know its intended purpose. It’s usually right by the back door but it can be moved by the pool for a party. It was a simple project yet functional for our family lifestyle. It’s great to have a specific place to store our flip flops where they are handy and in one place instead of scattered around the pool or in front of the back door where someone could trip over them.

flipflopdrop (700x469)
flipflops1 (700x469)

It seems like when you are homeowners, there are endless DIY projects you can keep busy with to maintain, update and enhance your home both inside and out. Whether we are making repairs to something old or creating something new, we really enjoy the sense of accomplishment we feel when we “do-it-yourself!” Do you enjoy DIY projects? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration? Do you prefer to follow step-by-step instructions from one source, combine ideas or come up with your own unique ideas and solutions?

    • Hi Jessica! For our orginial umbrella stand planter we used a 20 inch pot and for our second and third umbrella stand planters we used 18 inch pots. I would estimate that we filled the pots about a third of the way full. You will need enough concrete to make the stand stable so it won’t blow over but you will also need to leave enough room in the pot for an adequate amount of potting soil for the plants to grow. Here is a link for more information on how we made our planters:

  1. Hi there! LOVE the Towel Stand and really all of your projects! I plan to make one this wknd. I have the pot, Quik-crete and hooks. Can you please let me know how tall the fence post is that you used (or about how tall the completed stand is)? All I could find at the hardware store were 4″x4″x8ft. I know I’ll have to cut it down but want to make sure that I don’t cut it too short! Thanks in advance. TJ

    • Thanks for your positive feedback on our backyard DYIs TJ! We used the 4X4X8ft fence post to make our stand. We did not cut our fence post because we wanted it to be taller so the towels could hang down without touching the ground. Good luck with your project this weekend. We still really like ours and use it every day in the summer.

  2.…love the towel rack. We are having a deck built for a hot tub and this is perfect. Keep em coming cause I love your ideas.

    • I’ve used a ~7 foot step ladder to do something of a similar need. Just use some rope or what I call soft wire (fencing section of hardware store) and secure it to the “opened” ladder, works great.

    • Hi Kristine – Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your question. I am not sure about which one of the backyard DIY’s you are asking. We made all of them as DIY projects 🙂

  3. I love this idea! We don’t have a pool, but we live in a lakeside community. We are always coming home from the lake wrapped in wet towels. The towels end up spread out all over the deck railing. I think this towel rack will solve our problem. Great idea!!

  4. Hi Judy! Like everyone else, we think the towel rack idea is fabulous. What size pot do you use for the 4x4X8? Thanks! 🙂

  5. I love the towel stand idea. Did you drill drainage holes through the concrete when you made the towel,stand? How did you keep the post straight while the concrete dried?

    • Thanks Theresa! We did not drill holes in the pot we used for our towel stand. We filled it almost to the top with concrete and then put one layer of decorative stones to hide the concrete. Although water does get into the pot when it rains, it is a very small amount and usually evaporates fairly quickly. We’ve never had an issue with standing water in the pot. We kept the post straight similar to how we kept the PVC pipe straight in our DIY umbrella stand planters –

  6. How did you drill holes in the pot for the towel rack if you filled it with concrete?

    I love this idea!!!

    • Thanks Leslie! We actually did not drill any holes in the pot we used for our towel stand. We filled it almost to the top with concrete and then put one layer of decorative stones on top to hide the concrete. When it rains, only a small amount of water stays in the pot and it usually evaporates fairly quickly. We’ve never had an issue with standing water in the pot.

  7. Hello. Amazing ideas!!! Can you provide more information regarding the outdoor shower. Please and thank you!

    • Hi Heather and thanks! We made the outdoor shower before I started documenting our projects step by step for my blog so I will have to go back and look at it to give you a better idea of how we constructed it and what materials we used. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with more details. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Amber! We made the outdoor shower before I started step by step documenting our projects for my blog. We didn’t use any plans, just brainstormed as we went along to make it function and look the way we wanted. I have had several requests for more information on it so I am planning to look over the shower and try to recreate our steps and make note of the materials we used. I’ll try to get back with the breakdown on the outdoor shower as soon as I can. Thanks again!

    • Hi! You could probably use a large plastic planter for the towel rack but we chose to use the ceramic planter for the extra weight as well as durability. We have found over time some of our plastic planters for our plants/projects have cracked so we thought the ceramic would last longer.

    • Thanks Tara! We have a vinyl plotter that my son used to make the graphics for me. I told my son the sayings I wanted and he designed the graphic on his computer. He sent the graphic design to the plotter, weeded the graphics out of the vinyl and then applied them to the bucket for me. My daughter has a Silhouette (you can find them at Michaels stores – that she uses for projects around her house. I would think you could also stencil and paint a design on a bucket as well. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks! We made it several years ago before I knew I was supposed to take pictures and document each step of a DIY project for possible future blog use. Unfortunately I do not have specific instructions on how we made it.

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