DIY Media Room Candy Display


Movie Room Candy Display using Pegboard

We have a room in our home that we have designated as our media room. It’s a comfortable and fun space we created for our family to watch movies and sports or play video games together. One of our favorite things about this room has been the white container we keep filled with boxes of movie candy. Whenever we have a family movie night, we open up the container and pick our favorite candy to enjoy during the film. We try to save this candy as a special treat for movie watching nights but every now and then, when someone’s sweet tooth is working overtime, we might break down and open a box or two without watching a movie.

candybox (700x486)

Family and friends also enjoy picking a box of candy when they join us for a movie night but the container only holds about ten boxes of candy and doesn’t give the feeling of a movie theater experience. We wanted to display the candy in a more functional and decorative way. We searched the Internet and found that we really liked the glass display cases that look like the ones you would see in a movie theater concession area. Unfortunately, we decided that this option wouldn’t work for us for two reasons. The first was the cost. The glass candy display cases for home media rooms we found for sale were very expensive. The second and most important reason was that we just didn’t have the room for one. We needed something that would not take up too much space in the room.

Since we could never find anything else we particularly liked, we decided we would create our own unique display. We had been thinking about different options for quite a while until I recently saw an article on one of the social media sites about all the ways pegboard can be used in a home and an idea popped into my head. We could make a framed pegboard to display our candy boxes! We had a bare wall where we could hang the display and it would take up a limited amount of space. We were excited to finally have an idea about what we wanted and started on our DIY media room candy display right away.

Supplies we used to make our DIY Media Room Candy Display:

1. A 20″ X 24″ open frame that we purchased at Hobby Lobby (we chose this size based on the width of the short entry wall into the room where we planned to hang the framed board)
2. Black Chalkboard Paint
3. Leftover pegboard in our attic that we had used for another project in our garage. Bonus: It was already the perfect width to fit in the frame, it just had to be cut to the correct length.
4. Liquid Nails
5. Hanging hardware for the back of the frame
6. Hanging hardware for the wall
7. Black plastic peg hooks
8. Chalk marker
9. Candy boxes. Lots of candy boxes.

Steps we took to make our DIY Media Room Candy Display:

1. Cut the pegboard to fit the frame.


2. Painted the pegboard with the black chalkboard paint. We used three coats.



3. Used liquid nails to secure the pegboard to the frame.



4. Attached hanging hardware to the back of the frame.
5. Attached hanging hardware to the wall.
6. Hung the framed pegboard to the wall.
7. Inserted peg hooks into the pegboard.
8. Organized the candy boxes on the display board.

Movie Room Candy Display using Pegboard

9. Used chalkboard marker to write the name of the candy behind the various boxes.

chalkmarker (604x700)

The framed pegboard candy display we created adds a unique touch to our media room decor and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Overall it was an inexpensive and easy DIY project. It would also be great to hang one in a game room or display one on a large easel for an outdoor movie night.

I can’t wait for our next family movie night! Now instead of picking our candy from a small container on the shelf, we have a fun display on the wall to choose our favorite box of candy before show time.

Movie Room Candy Display using Pegboard

    • Hi Julie! In answer to your question: We only made one. I was looking for a fun way to display candy in our family media room and came up with this idea. I was really happy with the results so I thought I’d share it as an easy DIY project. I think the display would be best customized to the wall space you have available. If we’d had more space, we probably would have made ours a little larger 😉

    • Hi Becky! Thanks for your question. Yes, we also made the CONCESSIONS sign to go above the media room candy display frame. I purchased the shaped chalkboard at Hobby Lobby. My original plan was to write on the board using a chalk marker but then my son suggested we could use the vinyl plotter we have to make a decal for it. He designed the graphic on his computer, then cut and applied the decal to the chalkboard (and made me a very happy Mom!) You could probably do something similar using vinyl letters purchased from a craft store. When we were brainstorming ideas for the sign to go above the display, I had also considered purchasing another frame that was the same width as the candy display frame but narrow. I thought I could design a graphic on the computer with the CONCESSIONS lettering, then print it out and frame it and hang it directly above the media room candy display frame. This was a DIY project from start to finish so other than the supplies we needed to make it, we did not purchase anything (besides lots of candy!) Hope this helps you 🙂

  1. Where did you get the peg hooks and have you had any sagging or bending issues with them? I was gonna get some off ebay but seen some reviews that said they were having issues with them. BTW great project I am gonna try to make it this weekend.

    • Thanks! My husband ordered the peg hooks from either Amazon or Ebay (Sorry we can’t remember which one!) We chose the 3 inch black plastic peg hooks because we did not want the hooks to stick out too far due to where we planned to place the display in our room. We can fit two to three boxes of candy per two peg hooks depending on the size of the candy box itself. The boxes are fairly light and the weight is distributed between the two hooks so we have not any issues with sagging or bending. We did order extra peg hooks just in case we had any issues with some breaking but we have not had to use them. We are still using the orginial hooks. Hope you were able to make your DIY media room candy display and hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours!

      • Tried looking for the 3″ black plastic peg hooks but could not find them anywhere. I checked ebay, amazon, Lowe’s, Home depot, Harbor Freight and Ace hardware. I was only able to find 2″ & 4″. Can you please verify the size. Thank you.

        • I was having the same problem. I know this was posted a while ago, but the info may help someone else.

          The over all length of the pegboard hooks are approximately 3 inches, but the usable part is about 2 inches(not including the dip in the very front). So the ebay seller I bought from, lists them as 2 inch hooks. I’m able to fit 3 slender boxes or 2 thicker boxes of candy on the 2 inch hooks.

          • Thanks for clarifying this Melissa. I hope it will be of help to anyone trying to make their own media room candy display. I am pretty sure the pegboard hooks my husband purchased from ebay were listed as 3 inches but we also fit 3 slender boxes or 2 thicker boxes on our hooks. It could be the seller my husband purchased from listed the entire length of the hook. I am glad to hear the hooks you purchased worked well for your display!

    • for hooks. They carry 2″ and 4″. If you’re really set on 3″, is US manufacturer (prefer to sell in bulk but will sell smaller amounts) I read someone was saying that their hooks were sagging… you want to order glass-filled nylon for stiffness.

  2. How long did it take you guys? I just want to know in case me and my friend decide we want to do something cool for summer vacation.

    • I don’t remember specifically how long it took us to make our DIY Media Room Candy Display. The longest part would be letting the chalkboard paint dry between coats. We used three coats on our pegboard. We also used liquid nails to attach the pegboard to the frame so you need to let that bond as well. I would say you could probably easily complete the project in a day or two.

  3. This is such a cool idea for my bsmt (movie theater)!!!!!! Is creative and is totally better than going to the deli every night for a box of candy. Thx for the awesome idea!!

    • You’re very welcome Nina. We have had ours on a wall in our media room for over a year now and we still get a lot of enjoyment from it. We have been very good about only eating the candy as a special treat when we watch a movie so surprisingly our candy boxes last a long time on the display. 😉

  4. Quick question:

    I’ve followed most of the steps. I’m just currently trying to find peghooks. I went to home depot, but the hooks look different. The are not flat and not working to well. I’m looking for those hooks but I’m lost… any suggestions?

    • Hi Lindsay! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I am glad you liked my idea and were able to make a DIY media room candy display of your own. I hope you and your family will enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours. In answer to your question, we could not find any that we liked in our local home improvement stores so my husband ordered the peg hooks from eBay. I do not remember the exact seller but I believe there are several to choose from. They were relatively inexpensive and were shipped quickly. I hope this helps if you have not found any yet.

    • Thanks Teresa! We used a color called Grizzle Gray by Sherwin-Williams in their Low Lustre Cashmere paint for the walls of our media room. We also used Cityscape by Sherwin-Williams for the trim and ceiling. We love this paint because it’s so durable and easy to clean.

      • Hi. I looked up that color and it looks a lot darker on the swatch. Is it lighter on your wall since you used the Low lustre cashmere?

  5. I absolutely love your candy display. I just finished a home theater in our basement and was looking for a fun way to display candy. This will be perfect.

    Is there a specific depth needed on the frame so the back of the hooks don’t hit the wall, or are the hooks small enough that it’s not an issue?

    • Thank you Melissa! We just used a standard frame and the hooks fit close enough to the back of the pegboard that there was no issue with them hitting the wall.

  6. Judy, Thank you so much for the inspiration! My hubby and I made a media room candy display and it turned out great! I ended up getting the pegboard from Lowe’s, the hooks from EBay and my hubby made the frame. BTW… were right about buying LOTS of candy!

    • You’re very welcome Chara. I am glad your media room candy display turned out great. We still get a lot of enjoyment from ours especially when we have family and friends over. We are pretty good about leaving all those boxes of candy on display until we watch a movie so they last us quite a while. I try to keep some extra boxes hidden in a cabinet so I can restock after a movie.

  7. Thank you for Sharing. We are just completing ours. Think we will love it. Thank you so much for the idea. Love it.


  8. Judy, Judy, Judy….
    Lol had ro say it, after all we are talking “media room” ideas, and movies have such great movie lines!

    Your peg board display DIY project is fantastic!
    Thank you for your kind generosity in including all the details of how to make one.

    Your candy display idea, is my next project. This will be the finishing touch to my recent livingroom turned into media room project.

    Thank you so much.

    Linda G

  9. Hi, I know this is an old post, but I hope you receive this. Do you think this is something that can be hung on the wall like a picture and be able to take it up and down? (Obviously, having to put the candy on it each time) I have younger kids, and if this was displayed every time, we would never have any candy in there!

    • Hi Barb! We have ours hanging on the wall like a regular picture frame so I would imagine you could take it off and put it back up depending on when you wanted to display it. Our display is more like a decor piece in the media room so we have not taken it down since hanging it. I know it sounds hard to believe but we really do save the candy as a special treat for watching movies in our media room so we do not go through it very fast. Though to be honest, we don’t have any young children living in our home anymore so it is not an issue we currently have to deal with. We do have a 7 month old grandson who comes to visit so I am sure it is something we will have to address in the future. The lowest part of our frame hangs about 4 feet from the floor so I hope it will be a while before he will be able to reach it. In my post I also suggested that you could put it on an easel for an outdoor movie night but if you wanted the flexibilty of putting it up and down, maybe an indoor easel display would work for you. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for your response! I think if it were high enough, out of the kids reach, we could display it all the time, but my husband seems to think the kids are going to sneak in there and get into it somehow. Your easel idea is also a great alternative. We are making this display! Thanks for your idea.

  10. Love this (both the concession sign and candy display) and am hoping to make one similar. Do you happen to know the font that was used on the concession sign? Thanks

    • Thank you Dawn. My son made the concession sign for me so I had to check with him regarding the font he used. He likes to use a website called 1001 Fonts to download free fonts for the various projects he does. He told me he used a font called Rialto NF. Here is a link to their site and the font he used: Good luck with your candy display and concession sign! Hope you enjoy yours as much as we still enjoy ours 🙂

  11. Love this idea! Would like to try it. Are these the hooks i should get? Can you please provide a link of the correct hooks? Also, do you think it’ll be ok to use chalkboard spray paint?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Our home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey on August 29, 2017 and I have not been been keeping up with my blog for the last few months. It’s been a while since we made this project so I don’t remember the specifics of where we ordered the peg hooks from but the nice thing about this project is you can pretty much personalize it to fit your family’s needs as far as the frame size, peg hooks, etc. I believe chalkboard spray paint would work fine.

    • I have always heard there is no such thing as a silly question 😉 but to be honest I have never tried using chalk (and erasing it) on plain pegboard so I don’t really know the answer to your question. If you plan to write on the board with chalk, I would probably use some type of chalkboard paint but if you can find some black pegboard that works for your project it might be worth a try.

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