DIY Mosaic Sea Glass Table Top

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We decided to give our front porch a little makeover this summer by adding some bright and cheerful colors to welcome our visitors. We started by replacing the cushions on our existing bench with new ones in a solid light aqua color. Then we added two new outdoor pillows to the bench. I found a colorful aqua flower pot to place on a small table next to the bench. The table was old and dark and it was time for something new!

I was really excited when I spotted a bright white plant stool at Home Depot for only $16 and thought the flower pot would look really cute sitting on top.

plantstand copy

I liked the color combination of the aqua pot on the bright white stool but the top of the stool was really small and the only thing that would fit on it was the flower pot. I realized that even though I liked the stool, I had actually wanted something a little larger that could hold the flower pot and a drink or other small item that someone sitting on the bench might like to set down.

mosaic24 (700x518)

We had an 18 inch round stain grade pine table top that we had originally purchased from Lowe’s for another project but changed gears and decided not to use it for that project. The top was the perfect size to turn our small white plant stool into a side table. We decided to paint the top white to match the stool but also wanted to find a way to add color to the table.

mosaic4 (700x655)

I liked the idea of using sea glass with shades of aqua and green to give a tropical beach feeling to the table. I found the perfect bags of sea glass at Pier One. I wasn’t sure how many I would need so I purchased two which turned out to be the exact amount I used to cover the 18 inch top.

mosaic3 (700x673)

The first step of the project was to paint the table top white. Painting is my husband’s area of expertise with our DIY projects so he usually handles this step. He scuffed the top with medium grit sandpaper to get rid of all the rough edges on the pine finish. Then he came back and sanded it with smooth sandpaper to prepare the surface before painting the top with two coats of Sherwin-Williams exterior acrylic white paint.

mosaic8 (700x576)

After the paint dried, I arranged the pieces of the sea glass on the table top. There were so many unique shapes, sizes and colors of the glass that I didn’t try to make a pattern. It was more like putting together a puzzle to find places where the pieces would fit. After I had the pieces the way I wanted them, I used Wellbond Universal Adhesive to bond the sea glass pieces to the table top.

mosaic11 (700x652)

We let the adhesive dry overnight and the next day we used Jennifer’s Mosaics Indoor/Outdoor Powdered Grout in white to fill in the spaces between the sea glass and give the table top a more level surface.

mosaic15 (700x469)

My husband mixed the grout according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The wet mixture seemed to be more light gray than white so we hoped it would dry to a pure white color. He used a plastic straight edge to work the grout in between the glass pieces.

mosaic17 (700x640)

After he finished applying the mixture to the entire top, he let it set (but not dry) for about 10-15 minutes. He then lightly wiped the excess grout from the sea glass pieces using a damp sponge. We let the grout harden overnight. We were happy that the grout did become white when it dried. He buffed the sea glass to remove any residual of the mixture.

mosaic19 (639x700)

Our last step was to attach the table top to the stool. We flipped the top over and placed the stool on the bottom of the table top to measure and make sure the top would be centered on the stool. Once we had the correct measurements, we used a pencil to outline the stool’s placement on the underside of the table top. We then applied Liquid Nails to the top of the stool and placed the table top onto the stool in the marked circle. We used some of our coffee table books to weigh down the top on the stool until the adhesive bonded. Bonus: The books looked pretty sitting on the table while we were waiting for the adhesive to bond!

mosaic35 (700x537) (2)

We allowed the adhesive to bond overnight before we moved the finished table to our front porch. We had fun working together on this DIY project and were very happy with the results. We love the look of the mosaic sea glass on the table top and hope to find another project that we can incorporate it in to.


Instead of a small plant stand sitting next to our bench, we now have a more functional and unique table the perfect size for a small potted plant as well as a drink or book!

mosaic27 (700x530)

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