If you’ve happened to stumble across this blog, I would like to say welcome. I’m Just Judy.

It’s been a while since I’ve expressed myself creatively and so with my daughter’s encouragement, I am joining her in using a blog as a creative outlet and a way to keep in touch with family and friends. This is just a place for me to express my random thoughts and ideas with an occasional DIY project or recipe that I’d like to share mixed in.

I am really excited about carving out my little space on the web and I hope you come back often to see what is new.

spending time with my family
watching romantic comedies
drinking too much iced tea
playing music while I clean
taking lots and lots of pictures
snuggling with my cat and dog
being silly and laughing
enjoying the simple things

driving in heavy traffic
having to take a cold shower
being late to anything

seeing snakes in my yard!